A Simple Ode to Stanford


I'm sitting at Myer Green. Breathing for the first time all day. I was here earlier to have lunch with a friend -- but I'm not going to write about that right now. no. not now.

I'm nostalgic. nostalgic for the good times of my past and nostalgic for the good times of my future. Yet more than everything else I am in awe of the good time now. Of the moment. Of the real, palpable, beauty in each and every second of my life. And this one in particular, this one I'm in right now. This one. This one is the sublime.

I just experienced Main Quad in the golden hour. I often forget how beautiful she is. I came upon her from behind. Walking from Tress to the Church. The clouds were wispy, as they are right now. I looked to my right as I passed windows leading to a space called "the Round Room." Books lined the walls and small new-england-esque lamps sat on stained wood tables. Above, the trees were in abundance and the soft greenery shimmered with baby blue behind. I thought, I am in an Arcadian Heaven. And I was.  

I emerged past the church and sat on the edge of a planter and relished in the stones of pride holding together the spanish style buildings around me. Hoovy stood proudly in the distance, basking in his gold plated shine. I knew it was home. I knew I was home. I love my school, I whispered. 

I do love you Stanny. 

I really do.

creative.Angela Blackpoetry